When it comes to Safety, are you a “100%-er”?

At Alliant Networks Inc. we understand the importance in promoting a Culture of Safety. Not being a 100% committed to safety affects all of us. A company that does not enforce a commitment to safety in the work place will likely be a company that goes out of business. By placing safety as our primary focus, we are not only making a commitment to our “internal customers” (employees) but also to our end customers.

In addition to complying with all local, state, and federal laws, Alliant Networks Inc. employees undergo an Injury & Illness Prevention Program that includes comprehensive safe practice instructions. This internal program is used to track and monitor both employee and public safety on the job site using best practices and lessons learned. Planned prevention is key to being a 100%-er!

Alliant Networks Inc. employees a full-time safety management team in order to ensure that safety remains our number one priority. We are currently aligned with Pacific Safety Solutions to ensure that all necessary OSHA certifications and procedures are not only maintained, but promoted. By working directly our employees in the field to develop a custom safety plan for each project, we are able to provide the safest possible conditions for all parties involved. Our executive team strives to ensure compliancy with all up to date training requirements such as NWSA and other NATE sponsored safety initiatives.

If you would like to receive additional information, please contact sales at 1-800-565-8085 or sales@alliantnetworks.com

Alliant Networks has an open-door ethic driven policy, if you have any questions about our policies or observe questionable behavior by anyone of our employees, please call 1-800-565-8085 or by emailing ethics@alliantnetworks.com


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