First Responder Networks

Five nines are required 99.99 percent of the time

First responders must be able to communicate during an emergency regardless of the time, place or situation. Too often in critical situations, communications among public safety agencies are hampered by interoperability problems.

Innovation Changes How First Responders Communicate

From 5G networks to specially equipped communications trucks and drones, the nation’s first responders have a growing arsenal of tech tools that keep them communicating during the worst kinds of emergencies.

As we dive into the 5G private networks for first responders, we are essentially creating security for the men and woman who respond to the call of duty. While this technology upgrade is well overdue it comes with a price and responsibility to maintain the benefits it delivers.

Alliant Networks and its partners have been an intricate part of the First Responder network starting with Alcatel-Lucent. Maintaining, expanding and development is something we do on a daily basis.

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