Alliant Networks has the knowledge and experience in the telecom industry to handle any size infrastructure or complex deployment project safely and on time.

Our seasoned team with partnerships across North America and Canada, allows  Alliant Networks to deliver on multiple projects and deployments simultaneously. We have the resources and solutions to deliver on-time, every-time

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Alliant Networks and its team of highly skilled partners has the market knowledge, jurisdictional knowledge

Deployment and modification projects involve a wide range of services, location conditions, and regulatory

Alliant Networks and its team of highly skilled partners and sub-contractors work exclusively in the telecommunication industry.

Alliant Networks provides a wide range of full-service, customer-focused telecommunication cabling solutions

Alliant Networks and its team of highly skilled partners is the one the equipment manufacturer’s call for assistance.

Alliant Networks offers a full lifecycle of maintenance solutions for ever application in the communications industry.

Telecommunication Infrastructure services

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If you would like to receive additional information, please contact sales at 1-800-565-8085 or

Alliant Networks has an open-door ethic driven policy, if you have any questions about our policies or observe questionable behavior by anyone of our employees, please call 1-800-565-8085 or by emailing


Alliant Networks
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